Sunday, June 5, 2016

One Heck Of A HOT DAY!!

Today was HOT. Yes the usual, was up early. It was even hot when I woke up!! I hate this weather! I live in WA to get away from the heat. I've lived in Japan and Turkey where it was hot...I can't take it anymore! I want to be where it's cool.

We hit 103 degrees according to our thermometer on the deck...yep, on the deck!

I did go out and weed some stuff around the asparagus. I also spend a couple hours on the deck enjoying the breeze before 1 pm.

I worked on the baby owls. I figured out Judie didn't have the pattern copied right. There are about 4 rows missing. So, I'm going to have to work them both out and then fill in the difference. That's okay, I love the work she did and I'm not going to stop just because I don't have all the pattern in front of me.

Came in the house and cut out my pieces for the "Kasey" block.

Then I started putting it together. I was using the pattern to help me out with here it goes.

Each piece is getting appliqued down. I didn't like Becky's number system though. I started with the center piece where she wants the left side to be the starting point. I wanted to go with the center and work my way around. I haven't thought about the pieces that has two pieces on top. I will figure that out when I get to the next step.

Tomorrow is Brazilian Embroidery. I'm looking forward to it. Next week is Seminar and I'm really looking forward to that as well! I am be doing my blog from my tablet. We'll see when the time comes. Not sure I want to take my computer.

I'm not happy that my stuff I ordered hasn't arrived yet. I ordered it over two weeks ago. Send a message on Friday. Was hoping they were working on Saturday, but guess not. So, hopefully tomorrow I will hear something. I not, I may call and cancel my order and get it from someone else. Not happy!!

I did hang some stuff on the clothes line today. So, I was actually keeping busy well as sweating like crazy! I'm going to take a shower here in a few minutes - after I do my exercises. UGH!

I'm looking forward to cooler weather and staying Happy Quilting!!

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