Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day With Mom

Today we got in our 2.5 mile walk. I even took my camera with me to take photos of the Golden Finch birds that we see every I was taking photos, I realized I was missing my disc that holds all the, the photos I thought I was taking...didn't happen...ugh.

Got home and cleaned the living room carpet. Took a good amount of time to do it. I could have done it again to get more dirt up, but really wasn't in the mood to spend my hole morning cleaning the carpet.

I went downstairs to let the carpet dry. I was able to get a lot of quilting done.

I started quilting around the upper butterfly - it was rolled more - didn't get any photos today. I like the way it's coming along. I hope to get it done soon, but with family and family reunion this weekend, I may not make it this month, I need to clean up my room tomorrow and vacuum the floor. There is a lot of stuff on the floor that needs to be picked up. Plus I need to move the quilt frame so we can get around it.

I then went to moms to take her to the hospital for her class. Dad decided he wanted to go along as well, so I went with both of them. It was about an hour long. Got back to mom's and Chris (brother) and Sonja (SIL) were there. Chris and I went over our family history. It was fun to chat with them.

I made it back home around 3:30 pm. Guess they were having shrimp for supper tonight, but Patrick has a meeting he has to go to, so we didn't have supper with them. Dad said they were looking for us last night, but we were never invited, so didn't know about it. lol

I haven't touched my cross stitch today, so I'm going to get moving on that tonight. I'm doing pretty good getting both quilting and cross stitch in in a day. So far so good, Happy Quilting!

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