Friday, July 22, 2016

Getting Mom Ready For Surgery

Today was a day I needed to spend with mom. I got up and ended up going to moms. I arrived at their place about 8:15 am. Mom's appointment was at 9:15 am with the doctor. We headed over to the doctors and they asked all the questions they needed. Then we went to the hospital to get ready for surgery on the 1st. Mom had x-rays and a few other things done. We finally finished that up around 11:30 am.

Got home to my brother, Patrick and his family there. They were getting their camper ready for camping this week. We took Alicia and her bow to Subway to get some sandwiches. We came home and had lunch. Then mom had to leave again for her physical therapy.

While mom was gone, I showed Alicia how to do the English paper piecing. I had those "Patchwork and Crosses" that I ordered. Gave her all that was done and left the templates for her to make more if she wanted to. She stitched the center 4 pieces together and stared on the next row. She was doing an awesome job. So, I left all my stuff with her so she had something to work on. She's just like me, she needs something to keep her busy. Can't wait to see what all she gets done.

I was able to get part of this done.

I've been doing a lot of my work on the center piece. I need to add the french knots for the eyes and I need to work on the rest of the center. I'm going to try and finish up the left side with the birds and then add the french knots for the birds. I have been finding a spot that I missed. I have been filling them in when I get to them.

Things are going along great. I'm slowly getting a few things done. This week and next are going to be interesting with family coming around. I'm not sure what will go on. Not even sure I will be able to get much done these next two weeks. Time will tell and I'll always be looking at being Happy Quilting!

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