Monday, July 4, 2016


The past three days we have heard firecrackers go off in our back yard. Betting tonight will be the biggest. Not real sure I'm happy with all this fireworks going off, but it's our Birthday, so will enjoy it!

This was yesterday morning. I saw something out of the corner of my eye while playing. I looked over my shoulder and went after my camera. There were two deer walking by. Almost as if they wanted to tip toe.

I loved watching them. Funny how they are out with all this noise going on.

Today I slept in. Was up at 7:30 am and decided I didn't want to go walking. So, I didn't go. Patrick was actually up early for him. He worked outside.

While he was outside, I was inside ironing and cutting more of these pieces. This is called "Patchwork of Crosses" and I've been getting more scraps out to make more. I was going to take the mylar out of the backs, but figured I'd do better if I put the pieces together first. I needed to get more fabrics so I could put a set together and pull the mylar out.

I've been busy with the cross stitch as well. I seem to want to get this done! I'm really enjoying working on this and excited about starting that other piece I bought all that stuff for. I bought all that in February and it's now July. Guess I'm behind! Again, FINISH the cross stitch before starting another one! So far so good.

I'm slowly getting the center diamond area done. I'm getting the sides done as well. It's taking a while to get up there.

I worked on getting my stuff together for the QOV meeting tomorrow. I'm planning on being up there most of the afternoon working on another quilt top. I'll be working on the half square triangles for the quilts. I also need to work on dad's quilt, but will do that later. I found a "Security Service" patch (I know, I have one, but don't know what I did with it!), and printed it out. I'm going to figure out what or how I'm going to do it for the quilt. It will take some thinking. I'm going to use my light-box and see if I can get a good pattern for applique. I just don't think I want it as big as it is on what I printed. I'll figure something out.

Life is good, and I'm Proud to be an American! Happy Quilting!


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