Saturday, July 16, 2016

Listing Things To Be Finished...UGH

This morning I was enjoying my extra half hour of sleep. Then I was up and enjoying my games before we left.

Headed to moms to hang some photos on the wall. Patrick is the "expert" on hanging pictures. Mom must have had 10 pictures for her to hang up. We stopped off at Home Depot to pick up a shower head. Then Patrick put the shower head up as well as the photos. He did an awesome job and mom was happy with what he did. Dad and I were laughing at why we didn't do the hanging of photos - we really don't measure, we just put up. Patrick likes to make sure they go in an order.

After that, we went to the movie "Ghostbusters!" I recommend that movie! I enjoyed it, and Melissa McCarthy was awesome, not one "F" word out of her mouth! It was great!! I did like the other gals as well. It turned out a lot better than I expected. I liked the original as well as this one. The original movie members made appearances in the movie which was even better!

I added the bird on top. I am liking this one! Patrick isn't that crazy about this piece, but like I told him, when the outlining goes in, it will be better. I do like this piece. It's really close to being finished. I'll work on it tonight.

I really haven't had the change to go back downstairs to quilt. I usually don't get the chance to go downstairs to quilt while Patrick has his weekends. I'll try to go back down tomorrow.

The group on Instagram is asking for the list of things I can finish in Sept. So, I thought about all my projects - Katt's black and white, my cross stitch, Brazilian embroidery birds, Butterfly quilt, Friendship blocks, Friendship quilt (dolls), Baltimore Liberty, table cloth in embroidery, Celtic table runner.....oh, crap...that list isn't getting any smaller. When will I get some of this stuff done?!

We have been talking about downsizing house wise. We have also been talking about what we would like in a home. I want to have a big enough room for my crafts. Plus I'd like a little bigger living room and kitchen. Both of those are small here. Bedrooms I can do with 3 and not 5 like we have now. I'll have to make a list of what I would like. We did see a house that looked nice, that was up for sale. Trouble is, we have 3 years before Patrick will retire and we haven't decided if we want to stay in the area or just live in another area.

A lot has been done lately. I'm still on track! Happy Quilting!

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