Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday At The Movies....

Today was a pretty day again. The sun was up and so was I. I enjoyed a couple hours while Patrick slept. When he got up, we were getting ready to go to the movies. We saw "The BFG." I loved the book, and this was just as good! This was a really good movie.

While I was in the movies, mom had called. Good thing my cell phone was on vibrate! She always seems to find me when I'm somewhere I can't answer the phone! Called her after the movies, and she wanted to know if we wanted to come over. We said we would. Stopped off at KFC to get some chicken. We got enough for everyone and then some. Brought some home as I love chicken.

Last night I was able to get quite a bit done one my cross stitch. I'm loving the way it is coming along. I have been checking out some information on how to do the next one. I love the way one of the other gals does it at a angle. I'm going to try that out. I'm going to work on "parking" as well. I've got another design that I'm going to do and that will be a good one for that. I'm actually looking forward to trying that out.

Because we went to mom's, I wasn't able to get anything done. I'm hoping to get an hour in now to get more done.

I will probably work on the tail feather on dads quilt block. I have few other ideas for more blocks for his quilt. I need to get moving on that too.

I saw one of the gals on Instagram that rotates her projects. She works on one thing for 7 to 10 days, then she changes it up to the next thing. I'm thinking that might help me! I haven't decided if I will do that, but it's worth a try. YEP, here I go again...more ideas! More things to do....ugh!

Happy Quilting!

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