Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Working On Cleaning House

Today I did the usual....walking. I had a good walk. Came home and vacuumed the hallway and then used the cleaner to clean the hallway. I ran the cleaner over it twice. May have to do it again. I'll do that again tomorrow.

I then went downstairs and tried to put a few more stitches on the quilt. I got a few more stitches in and can't wait to get more!

I got about a third of it quilted. Was more interested in something else, so didn't get as much done as I wanted to.

I was able to get more done on the cross stitch as well. I am working on the flowers in the middle.

I got working on this area, and couldn't stop. I'm having so much fun getting this together. I like the results. My work wasn't what it used to be, but I have been fixing it as I go. I am not crazy about the designers way of outlining but I'm not going to complain, it does the job. 

I have the living room and the dinning room to clean next. The carpet hasn't been clean in a while. I wanted it to look better for when my Uncle and cousin comes to visit on Saturday. 

I called the Vet Museum and the plaque is done. We will be going over there Saturday at 1 pm. I need to let Phil know so he can go as well. 

I may actually finish two more projects at this rate - by the end of the summer! Things are looking up....Happy Quilting!!

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