Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Day of Bowling....

Today I actually slept in later than I thought. I had an hour to get ready to head out for bowling down in Longview. I had breakfast, and then headed off to Travel league.

Arrived earlier than the others at the bowling alley. We had a good time. We're still looking for bowlers on the other teams. We are supposed to have 3 teams from our bowling alley, but we had a hard time just getting 2 teams. The second team needs 2 more bowlers. I bowled a 169, 169, 170. Not bad considering I was a the Longview lanes. (Triangle Bowl) I was able to leave right away since I drove myself. I was getting a little tired by the time I got home.

Got home. Patrick and I did our DNA test that mom ordered for us. We mailed them on the way to the bowling alley. Tonight I was doing great. I bowled a 164, 190, 192. It was nice to keep my average at the 180 level. The other team had one person that needed to get a handicap. She bowled a 190, 116, 117. He hubby wanted her to slow down because she didn't need a high average/handicap to start. Don't think she did it on purpose. We probably won 3 games.

So, I wasn't able to work on any of my crafts today. I did get a message from Donna to do a binding strip so I'm going to cut that out tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Brazilian embroidery and then I can work a few things in the afternoon. So far this week is pretty empty. Trouble is next month my quilting will be Thursday and Friday again. I hate having everything in the same week, with a week off and starting all over again. Oh, well, it's only about 3 months at a time. Can't complain! At least I'm getting out there to the groups. They keep me going when it comes to quilting. Hopefully this week I can get back on track....Happy Quilting!

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