Thursday, September 22, 2016

Today Is Thursday

Yep, today is Thursday. I got up and walked with Ruth for a 2 mile walk. We didn't get more in because she had to be at her sisters. We had a good chat and walk. Tomorrow I have to go to Cherrill's around 8 am.

I worked on my tablet. I had the list of floss I needed for the next project. I wanted to use Cosmos floss for my next project. I went to deliver the pots that I had. since I repotted the plants, I could return the pots. I had a quick visit. Then realized I forgot the tomatoes to take to the meeting. I went back home, got the tomatoes and then I went to Safeway to get some food for the pot luck. I forgot my camera and my older quilt for show and share.

Went to the shop and got the floss I wanted but she didn't have some of the colors I needed. I figure I'll us DMC for the ones that I couldn't get. It will work great. I figure no one but me (and who reads this) will know I used two different floss types. I like the Cosmos because it's softer and shiner. It will look great.

We had a lot of show and tell with the "old" quilts. This is one that was embroidered (stamped cross stitch). See Haven't Missed A Stitch for more photos.

I didn't stay long. I really wasn't in the mood to be there. So, I came home and cleaned the washer drawer. Then I got the coke points worked out. Really didn't do that much. I was getting tired while I sat and watched "Murdock Mysteries."

We are watching "Big Brother" that we recorded last night. I'm ready to sit and cross stitch. I did order a pattern and an "addict box" that had linen. So, I'm happy!

We will be enjoying the evening! Happy Quilting!

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