Saturday, October 29, 2016

Finished Another Block....Needs eyes

Today I was up early. Things went great this morning. Patrick slept in and I enjoyed my games on the tablet. I gave up waiting on Patrick to get up about 9:15 am. Went over to the neighbors and helped her with her socks. I'll have to do that tomorrow as well. Depend on how long it takes Patrick to get up!

We went to the casino. Not one of our better days, but we are still ahead for the year. Came home and Patrick worked out in the yard. I worked on the block for mom. I don't really like this block, and maybe that's why it doesn't look like mice. I don't know. I need to add the eyes to it.

Hopefully when the quilts together, it won't look so bad.

While I was working on this this afternoon, Patrick came in and told me Miss Kitty was at the top of the tree trying to get birds. The birds were playing games with her!

I went out and found her (middle of photo) and the birds (top left). She was trying to figure out how to get up there to them. I thought she'd fall if she wasn't careful.

She climbed this tree that has the bird feeder on it. There are birds in the feeder, while she's up in the tree.

I was amazed at how good she was on that tree. The limbs on that tree are few because the other tree that was with it, died. We cut it down this year.

This is her on the branch checking out the birds. I couldn't believe how comfortable she was getting with that tree. It's going to be interesting with her and the birds!

After she came down and saw me, she headed for some TLC.

Love how she looked at me! You'd think she was innocent!

I wasn't able to get to my cross stitch, yet. I'm hoping to get to it after I finish typing this. I've missed it! I went downstairs and pulled out a couple patterns that I'm thinking of doing. I will check with Katt when she gets here to see what Christmas Stocking she wants me to make. There are more patterns that I'll have to pull out when she gets here.

This morning when I went to the neighbors, Miss Kitty followed. On the way home she ran past me and kept looking back to make sure I was coming. It was funny, because that's what I do to her! Even my neighbor watched the show!

I'm glad that block is finished! I have the butterfly one to do next! I also realized I need to get some samples of Brazilian embroidery for the "demo" I'm doing in a week. I asked the group to bring some samples and it didn't happen because we all forgot. So, since we are working on a quilt for a dear group member, I will cut some blocks and do some samples. That way they can go in the quilt.

Okay, I'm done rambling! Have a great weekend and Happy Quilting!

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