Monday, October 3, 2016

Happy Mail...

Today started out just like I've been doing over the past couple weeks. I went to see Cherrill. We walked 3/4 mile and then sat and had tea together. I got back home quicker than I thought. I got my deposit ready and pulled the quilt out of the dryer. Got in the car and took the quilt, binding, and pillow cases to Donna's. Then stopped at the bank and dropped off a deposit.

I was back home by 10:30 am. I was thrilled. I tried to see if I could get my computer to work the FTM program. It works but I couldn't link to the internet. I did find my 7th great grandparents and worked on their history. I found that my 7th great grandfather died at the age of 42 of a lightening strike. That surprised me.

I had lunch and then got back to cleaning. I mopped the kitchen floor - which I really didn't want to. Once that was done I vacuumed. I then went outside and called the cat over.

I must of sat out there with her for 20 minutes! She loves attention and kept coming back for more. I couldn't get her to come in the house, but hoping that will change.

Worked three rows on this this afternoon. Not a lot done but it's getting there. I'm still going through withdrawal!! I want to work on this more! I may have to take it with me tomorrow when I stay at the folks house to go bright and early to the hospital on Wednesday with dad.

Patrick got home and brought in the mail! I saw the package at my chair but tried to make it last! It's a surprise because that's what I bought.

I went back outside to see the cat. I spent another 20 mins with her, and while we were out there, we heard some noise! I turned to find raccoons in our tree!!

They climbed out and went for the grape vine! Patrick was complaining that the deer were eating this grapes.....well, I don't think that looks like a deer!

They both seemed to be busy. I took photos but wasn't thrilled they were in the yard. The cat finally found them and started leaving. She got some water and then was gone. I didn't get to pet her any more, and I hope she knows to stay away from them. We usually get a family of raccoons in the yard, and the dad is HUGE. Glad it wasn't him there.

I bought a package of linen, pattern and other items of their choice. I thought I would try it because fabric itself is expensive when it comes to linens.

So, I got the pattern (The Pirate and the Mermaid), floss, mini clips (works great for quilts!), a needle threader in it's own pouch, a magnet with Heaven and Earth Designs, orange linen, a scissor cover, and a bag to put all my supplies in. I loved it! It's like Christmas in October! I love the pattern, it was in my "wish list" and they sent it. I have a ton in my wish list, so I'm happy with this one!

I really don't feel like I got a lot done, but I know I did. I want to get moving on my cross stitch, and the funny part is that I'm thinking of my next ones. Just as bad as I am with my quilts! I'm planning my next 5 projects!

I will take my quilt with me tomorrow and work on it at the folks house. I'll see about getting some applique or cross stitch (not mine) done while waiting on dad at the hospital Wednesday. I'm sure I can find a few things to work on while at the hospital. I need to work on the friendship block I started. It's not quite finished yet, and I need to get moving on it as well. I have Katt's quilt to get ready to quilt. I want to try and get that done as well. My list grows as I think of the things I need to do...when that will happen is another story....hope the story does have a happy ending.

When Deanna brought a finished quilt top to our group meeting, she said it only cost her $10. I couldn't believe it. She had the story of it being a gals "mother-in-law" that made it and they had too many that she made. They didn't want it and didn't know what to do with it, so they were selling her tops cheap! I couldn't believe it. I would hate to see my tops go for such a cheap price when it took more than $10 to make it!

I often even wonder what would happen with my cross stitch and needlepoint. I loved working on them. I just hope they don't get thrown away because of not wanting them......but then I guess I'll be dead by then and won't feel the pain of it not being wanted.

In the meantime, let's think positively and be Happy Quilting!

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