Friday, October 7, 2016

"Whatever" Day

Today I was up about the time Patrick was leaving. I got ready to go to the doctors for blood tests. I have an appointment on Tuesday and needed to have my blood taken before I go. The gal at the doctors office was AWESOME! I didn't even feel it! I usually have someone that has to keep poking around for my blood, but she went right to it! I was thrilled!

After that I headed over to see how dad was doing. I let myself in the house and found both my parents asleep in bed. I told them they could go back to sleep and they said, "No, we're getting up now." We had breakfast together. Then mom wanted to work on the quilt we are going to make together. Mom thought we were going to make different quilts.

This is the quilt pattern that we both bought. When I told her it was a quilt that we would to together, she wanted to know who would end up with it. I told her I didn't care, as long as we did a quilt together. She was okay with that. Think she wants the quilt and I'm okay with that. I'm going to put this quilt under the label "Moms Quilts," so I don't have to set up another label - too lazy to do that! Smiling!

We went to "Whalen Quilt Works" and bought the sky blue fabric for the blocks. I told her I had the beige and browns for it, so I'll take the fabrics to her house tomorrow on the way out. She can decide from there. Since she's ready to get started, I need to get the fabric over to her soon. Otherwise she's go shopping.

Got home and pulled out some of my fabrics for her.

Put it in my bag, and have it ready to go. I stayed at their place for a while before we headed to the quilt shop. After the quilt shop, I took mom back home and went to Starbucks. I picked up tea for Ruth and I. Then stopped and talked for an hour with Ruth. We had a good visit.

Got home and put in some time with Miss Kitty.

Then sat and worked on the Nativity Scene cross stitch piece for Kathy.

I started doing the outlining on this piece. It's coming along really well. Once can tell what I've outlined and what I didn't. There is a little more to do. I should have this done by Thursday if not before. I didn't get the chance to get an hour in on the quilt, but I really do want to finish this up for Kathy and get back to my stuff.....laughing. Not like I am lacking things to do.

Now sitting and watching a "Audrey Hepbern" movie. I'm enjoying being able to watch older movies. It's a lot better than having to watch what's on TV now-a-days. I do miss the old days at times. Things seemed easier back then.....

Happy Quilting!

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