Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Working on my SAL project

Today started out very early and off to pick up Art. I dropped my car off at the folks. I even took the fabrics that I used on the quilt block to be added to the other fabrics we used. Then I walked over to Art's. We headed to the casino.

Casino - we had a good time. I came home with more money then I took. That's a good thing. They had spaghetti and meatballs as a special, so we both got that. I didn't do very good on the Keno.

Forest Galorest project - I went to the folks after the casino. Mom was across the street. She came back home and we worked on putting the fabrics together for 4 more blocks. 2 blocks for mom and 2 blocks for me. She's already got her second block almost done. I will try and work on it tomorrow. The best part is that I have tomorrow and the next 2 days to myself. I'm going to enjoy working on a couple different projects a day!! Woo Hoo! I'm excited!!

SAL project -

I worked on this last night while watching "Dancing with the Stars." I was thrilled to get this much done. I really like this. I'll have it done by tonight and then I can get back to the "Nantucket Rose" which has been neglected for the past week.

Quilt frame - I finally brought the quilt frame in the house. I'll try and put it together tomorrow and see if it will work up here. If it does, I'll be thrilled. I'm thinking I'll be using it while on the couch. Not sure which chair will work out. I'm looking forward to getting more done with the quilts.

Genealogy - My DNA test came in! I'm so surprised to find out I'm more European West and  Irish then I am Scandinavian. I found my 8th great grandparents from 1599!! They were one of the first ones to come to this country! I have found two sets of grandparents who came on the Mayflower and one set that came on the John and Mary (?), something like that. I'm having a blast finding more who came over. I just wish I could get that much information on dad's side. I'm still stuck in NY in 1790's. Hopefully one of these days I'll figure out what's stopping me!

So, it's time to be Happy Quilting!

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