Friday, February 10, 2017

A Busy Day Between Two Groups

I was up early today. Patrick was off to work and I was getting what little time I could in with Kitty. Then headed over to the neighbors to help her with her socks. After that came home. Patrick was back from work, he took the day off.

I headed over to Walmart to get a cat scratchier. Trying to get Kitty to stop scratching the stairs. After Walmart went to moms to meet up with all the quilters. I was the first one there....and by 10 am they were just starting to show up. I had to leave by then to head up to Olympia. It was Quilts of Valor day because Tuesday was cancelled. We had an awesome turn out and tons of quilts came in. We have 38 quilts for Drexal Center. We were trying to get 50 quilts by April and it looks like it will work out. I'm hoping we will be done with doing groups, as we should be doing individuals. We have to have 15 quilts for presentation next Wednesday and I'm thinking about going. Judy brought dad's quilt top to the meeting! It's Awesome!! She did a great job on it. We showed it to the group.

On the way home I stopped at moms to have her take the quilt to Kathleen A. to quilt it. I bought the backing for the fabric and Judy gave me some batting for it. Mom's going to drop off the quilt to get quilted. Got to show it to the quilters before they left.

While I was there, dad was sick. Had mom call the doctors to get him in. Come to find out he ate a handful of peanuts last week and was paying for it today. He's on a liquid diet for a couple weeks. Not what he wants to be on, but he keeps eating what he's not supposed to. lol

Came home and worked a little on my Nantucket Rose cross stitch. I know I need to work on the HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs). I'm ready to get working on her hair. I was thinking of changing the color but since I bought the floss for the color in the pattern, I'll keep it. I think she's blonde anyway.

Tonight I'll work on my cross stitch and enjoy Kitty in my lap. Guess she was in the house with Patrick most of the day. She's very good about going in the garage at night too, so I guess you can say she's now my cat. And I'm loving it!

Happy Stitching!

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