Monday, February 13, 2017

A Day For Brazilian Embroidery

Today started out fast. I was up just as Patrick left. I drove to Cherrill's to help her out. I had called to see if she wanted to go to our meeting, but she had someone coming and then needed to go into town in the afternoon. So, I had her put the date on the calendar for our next meeting.

I was able to get the stump done. I really didn't have a lot to do, but it did get done. Pat C and I ended up helping Jeannette get organized with her BE threads. She got some threads from a friend of hers that was in quilting with her. It was a BIG mess. We had to look up the name of the threads and figure out what weight the threads were. So, we marked them as Lola, Glory, Iris, and Frost. The threads she had were actually from Brazil.

It worked out okay with not having her with me. Phil needed me to go shopping afterwards. I have been having fun shopping for them. I also borrowed the webcam from them.

So, when I got home, I tried out the webcam and was able to video a piece. I did an introduction and WIP's. I showed what I'm working on for cross stitch and I also showed what I'm looking forward to doing next.

Once can check it out at:

My Flosstube video

I was at this point last night.

And after I did the video, I was able to add some more stitches! I'm really happy with the way it came out! I will be working on it some more tonight.....or not. Not sure what I'll be able to get it may be tomorrow. I have more laundry that didn't get done today to do tomorrow. I'm planning on working on my cross stitch after I post a few more things for eBay. Need to keep making money.

Looking forward to getting more done on her. May we all be Happy Stitching!

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