Sunday, February 12, 2017

Another All Day of Bowling

This morning we were up early so Patrick could take me to join up with Kim and the others. We then headed to Mt St Helens, OR. It is a long drive at times. We arrived a little early and stopped at Taco Bell to get lunch. I had a taco salad. Then it was time to go bowling! I bowled a 163, 163, 180. My average stayed the same. I lost the first two games to a "vacant" person BY ONE POINT! Ugh! But I did win the other two games.

We were home a little earlier than normal. All because of two people missing from one team. We got back at a good time. I got my bars out and cut them out for Dan. Then I cut a few more for Patrick's lunch and took a couple to Kim and Theresa.

I got about 100 stitches in on my cross stitch before we had to go bowling again.

I'm loving getting her face done. Now I'm working on the hair. I'll get some of the tree going tomorrow when I get working on it again.

We went bowling tonight, and Patrick bowled a 667 series! At least someone was bowling good! I bowled a 156, 187, 156. That didn't help me at all!! I lost a pin in my average. So now I'm 173 average and not 174. UGH!!

It's funny, I was thinking the other day, how this blog is almost like a "secret diary!" One of those things were we think of things to write down and put away in the night stand or hide it under the bed. Funny part, why would anyone want to read someone's diary? Why not, it's fun to see what they do....well, for me, I'm not sure why anyone would read this. LOL

Kitty was in the garage. I'm done with my blog and I'm hoping to get more done on my cross stitch! Happy Stitching!!

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