Saturday, February 25, 2017

It's Been A Week, AND Still Not Back to Normal

I was coughing again last night. So, I stayed in bed till 9:30. Called Cherrill and we decided she's do okay for the next couple days. I'll go over on Monday...and I do hope I'll be back to normal by then! This is really getting old!!

I enjoyed time with Miss Kitty and played games on the tablet.

Got laundry going. Mom called to see how I was  doing. Told her I was getting tired of being "tired" and coughing! She thinks I need to go to the doctors but I'm not so sure.

I found I made a the FROG showed up! Grrr. I had put most of that area in this afternoon.

So, 2 hours later....I had it back to being blank. I was so frustrated!! I had made the mistake in Part 7 and didn't know till I started working on Part 11. I couldn't figure out why the fish was so close to the piece I was working on. The more I double checked the more I got a little confused. Then I went back to Part 7 and found I had been off by 1 square and 1 row! GRR. So, ripping started!

Now, I'm not in the mood to fix the mistake. I'll try and get it right tomorrow. OR I may put things away for a couple days! I still need to work on my Nantucket Rose!!

Okay, I'm feeling sorry for myself. I'm tired of the rallies going on, I'm tired of the LGB world shoving it down my throat, and I'm tired of making stupid mistakes on my cross stitch!

Life is good! I'm doing okay and I'll be feeling better soon! Once I do, I can do another video and get back to life!

Happy Stitching!

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