Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sowly Getting Back to Normal...

Slowly getting back to normal..... If you can call it that.  Still coughing, but oh, well.

Today started out slow. Went to Cherrills to help with her socks, then before I knew it, was helping her with ancestry. We worked out some of her family history. Next thing I knewit was an hour and a half later.

Came home and worked on my sourdough. Miss Kitty wasn't happy with me because she wasn't getting the attention she needs. I let her out and vacuumed. Or thought I was vacuuming till I saw the bag.....had the same amount in it that it had when I started. Ended up doing the house over again....ugh.

I then needed to see if the gal that said she wanted my stuff on eBay had paid.... Nope. So I got the bank statement for January and balanced the check book. Won't have a lot to do next week when Februarys comes in. Also got the water association done.

Then it was time to work on Nantucket Rose.

I'm almost finished with the right top corner. Then it's off to working on the upper left side. Will end up doing that upside down.

This is the pattern I was able to get for about $10 on eBay. I had a couple others I was watching for $6, but then I forgot to go back and check on them.

This is what I go through with Miss Kitty when I'm stitching. She has to be on my lap under my frame. The shades are the window shades, so the photo is sideways.

The thing we go through! Happy stitching!

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