Saturday, February 4, 2017

Talk About Non-Stop!

Today I was up early. Got Kitty this morning and enjoyed our TLC time. I went over to Cherrill's and then we took off to the luck there.....then off to the grocery store.

Loaded up on groceries, then headed back home, unloaded the groceries. Then got working on getting my eBay stuff ready to mail. Got 3 of them ready to mail and figured out I'm taking the next one to the post office to mail it. No way I'm paying $16 to mail it!

Then I had trouble with my tablet, so I reset it. UGH UGH UGH. Resetting the tablet caused a few more problems with passwords. Then it wouldn't hook up to Google Play. It's a major pain to get one of my games back to where I was! I sent a message to the game and hope they can restore it for me.

Fixed supper...worried about what I couldn't do on the tablet...then Kitty came in.

We lasted a short time. She got tired of sitting with me and went out. She wasn't in the mood to go in the garage, so she's out all night. Not sure I like that. I need to take her to the vet tomorrow at noon. We'll see how that goes.

Now I'm going to finish off the afghan. I've got the second row around it going right now. I'm hoping to have it done by tonight so I can get back to my cross stitch....going through withdrawals!

OH, got a message that dad's quilt top is done. I can't wait to see what it looks like! I'll get it Tuesday! What fun!!

Looking forward to being Happy Stitching!

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