Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Looking good

Things are looking good! I've been quilting more on the Hawaiian quilt and am ready to start quilting the echo stitches on the white area (in the corner). The purple flowers are what take time and I've really been going faster than I expected with it. I took photos, but just not ready to get them on here yet.

I washed the handkerchiefs that mom had from my great grandmother. A lot of them where destroyed when  mice help themselves into the storage area. I was able to salvage quiet a few. I ironed them and started folding them into butterflies to applique onto a quilt top. I haven't decided the design yet, but I will work on that another time. I still have more to iron - took photos of those too, so you can see what I mean. I think one of them is Civil War era but not sure. It has the plain blue color that was used in that time frame. I just didn't want to fold them up and store them again, since that's not putting them to use. I have a few in my drawers now that are not being used. So, I decided this is a way to keep great grandmother alive for another generation if not more. She collected them, and there are more than I could ever use. (If I can find where I put them).

If you are keeping up on my Letters From the Past, then you will see a photo of Minnie True Matheson Reeder, who collected those - all those years.

I'm doing pretty good lately, I have actually gotten some genealogy done and some quilting done. That is not easy at times.

In the meantime, I will take more photos and post them later on. I'm going to do more genealogy and be Happy Quilting....

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