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Time to Quilt

It's the end of Feb. and the snow is coming down. What an interesting year this is going to be. Since it decided to snow, I think I need to quit playing games and go quilt in my chair while watching the CSI:NY programs I missed.

Our 2 TAS groups meet at Quilter's Junction for a potluck with show and tell. I took my camera but wasn't thinking of taking photos of the quilters with their quilts. I did remember to take a couple of these photos:

This is the fun we all had, there must have been 20 or more of us. I was thrilled to see a big turn out.

Over the last few days, I've been quilting while watching TV and it's amazing how much one can get done! I have really been working on getting the connections in the quarter part of the quilt. The border part I was worried about didn't became a problem because the border is a lot wider than I thought.

From this photo, the border is the flowers on the right. Because the quilt is so big, those flowers make it a little easi…

Past Week

This past week has been a bear! I forgot what it was like to be busy EVERY day of the week. Not being able to sit down and work on a project or read a book. It was almost like having my two children around when they were about 4 and 8 years old.

On Monday I was able to do some Genealogy, and found a few more letters floating around the house. So, yesterday I decided I would do a blog on all those letters. Two of them are posted and the link is on the side.

Tuesday was supposed to be a day with my cousin, and it never happened. My body decided whatever I eat the day before I was going to pay for. Not only the usual stuff but also a migraine headache that lasted all week. I slept the morning away and then decided the headache wasn't going to slow me down, so I did laundry and when I could I pulled out the Hawaiian quilt from behind the couch and quilted. I did get the border design quilted so I could echo on the quarter part. Now hopefully it will go quick and I can start on the nex…

Nothing New...

Not much going on with quilting lately, at least that what I think. I went to the TAS Myron's Girls group and I was able to baste two table runners. I haven't decided if I want to TRY and machine quilt them or just go ahead and quilt them. I'll figure that out later.

I went to my mother's on Thursday and help clean up her sewing room - or part of if. We spent a good 5 hours going through her cabinets deciding if she wants to keep or get rid of stuff. I was able to collect a few finished wall hangings and quilt related stuff, that I mailed them off to my niece for her auction. We still have 2/3's of the sewing room more to go and will probably be doing that today. I should take the camera along and take pictures, because her sewing room is bigger than most family rooms. My parents have decided to move into town. So, they are cleaning and clearing up the house. They have a lot of stuff they want to keep, so I think its going to be interesting if it all fits into the …

Jack of all trades

The last week I have been crocheting and knitting for my niece. She is going on the World Race - a Christian Organization that goes to 11 countries in 11 months. She is working toward her goal. One of those goals is to make enough money to go - about $25,000. So, for the last 8 months, she has been working hard, with garage sales, bake offs, etc. On the 27th of this month, she is having an auction. Since I wasn't paying attention or just didn't know, I figured I had to work fast for her. So, the quickest things I could come up with where potholders and wash clothes.

I was thrilled to find out the wash clothes were quick and easy! I had so much fun, I went more for the wash clothes then I did the potholders. Both took the same amount of time, but this was more fun.

So I decided to combine some of both to give people a choice.

Some potholders are smaller then others, but it works.

I was able to get 3 potholders out of 2 skeins of yarn. I should have gone to a different place the…

A Busy Week

This week has started out busy and is still going strong.

On Thursday last week, I bought some silk and satin stuff for the crazy quilt block we need to have done for The Applique Society's Retreat in Seabeck, WA. I'm so excited about going, that I hurried up and started working on the block. On Friday, we (TAS group Myron's Girls) met at mom's house as usual. I brought a lot of fabric that was given to me, but wasn't cotton. We went through the fabrics and picked the stuff we wanted for our blocks. I cut the 14" square muslin pieces for the background. Since I was all ready for the block, I decided to do my block. When I finished it, my mother asked me to do her's (normal). So, both our blocks are read for the retreat.

Forgive me on where the photo was taken, I usually do better than that. I put it on the coffee table and since it was on the edge, your seeing the floor as well as papers on the table. Sorry - bad shot.

So, on Saturday I contacted my niece …

Another day....

Since the other day, I have quilted a little more on the Hawaiian quilt, but I have also been playing games and working on my genealogy for my Taylor family.

While I was quilting on the Hawaiian the other day, I found there were a couple of issues I hadn't thought about and needed to work it out before I continued on. I'm going to have to do the center part of the quilt in quarters while trying to get to the edges. This may cause problems if I don't keep my fabric, batting and backing tight enough to keep from puckering in the back or front.  So, I worked a few rows of quilting and then started to work on the edge that comes into the quilt - see photos. I need to quilt the outer part a little to be able to work with the background fabric.

As you can see:The tips meet together at some point and the echo quilting come together.

Here is the over view of the quilt as I quilt. 

This is the area I'm referring to. 

I believe my quilting stitches that were done on the "branc…