Monday, July 21, 2014

Got the Job!

LOL - got ya! No I didn't get a "job" but I did get put on the jury. I'm serving on the jury till Wednesday, so I won't be able to post much on here while I'm sitting on a court case.

As for what I'm doing while I'm waiting -

I put all but 2 pieces on this block while waiting on the jury. Not bad, considering. I also placed a game of solitaire while waiting, so I could have had the body on before we left.

So, I came home, went a took a photo of Charlie, for her blog, and these photos of the flowers.

Then I sat my rear down and decided I'm going to play a few games. I need a break and I need to get my mind off the trail. I go back tomorrow morning.

Life is good, and I need to keep telling myself that! This "hiccup" is just that. I won't be able to quilt tomorrow but I will on Friday.

Best wishes to all and may you be Happy Quilting.

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