Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Good Thing I'm Behind

This week has been looking up. I've been getting more quilting done than playing on the computer! I do love my games, but I do know this really, really needs to get done.

Have you ever noticed, when your sitting down, relaxing, and the phone rings? Well that happens more times then I care to admit. When I put the phone by the chair, it never rings. So, I just leave it hooked up on the receiver. Then I get settled in, and Charlie decides she's going to lay on the quilt or on me. We both are happy when she finally gets settled in. I turn on the TV (On Demand) and am 2/3s into the show, then the phone rings. Now I have to pick Charlie and my quilt up, get the leg rest down, and try to put everything down before the 4th ring when it goes into voice mail. Well, I didn't answer the phone earlier today, and it had a message of "brrrrrrrrrrrrr" on it. So, mom calls, and it's going into voice mail before I can get everyone settled down. Then I try to call her back, and she's on the phone calling my cell phone, which is down the hall. Okay, to make a story short, it took me 30 mins to get back to being comfortable. I put the phone near me, and not one call after that!

Good thing I'm behind on all my shows! I'm getting caught up on the new shows that Patrick won't watch. I've got caught up on NCIS, working on NCIS:LA, and will check out the one in New Orleans. I have all the Blacklist caught up (but it's getting a little to gory latley), and I'm going to check out Sherlock Holmes when I get the chance.

I'm close to getting another block done.

I'm quilting and Charlie is comfortable. I had the quilt set so I could quilt without having to dump her on the floor - which I really should have, but I just love having her with me. At the age of 17, I want to be around her as long as I can be.

I'm keeping busy with the quilt, and have a quilt meeting tomorrow, so won't be taking the quilt with me. I will take it on Friday at mom's though. She will probably help me out. Tomorrow is a pot luck and I'm not sure what I will take along yet.

Quilting is going along and I'm still Happy Quilting.

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