Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Quiet Days of Quilting

Today was the usual routine of walking in the morning, cribbage right after, and taking some time to myself. Then in the afternoon, I found the Hallmark channel and watch a really good movie while quilting.

My quilting job right now is going around the sashings of the blocks I have already quilted. Since they are on the edge by the borders, I decided to go ahead and get those done.

I mark as I go. Never did like having them marked and then try to find them later when I quilt. I found that I tend to forget to quilt the circle of the flower, and end up going back and putting them in there. Funny though, as I like the flowers both with and without the circle or center - which ever you want to say for that.

This sash has since be finished. I have about 3 more to do then I can get back to doing both the blocks and the sashings. The flowers in the squares is looking really good. I spend a good 3-4 hours on the quilting today. That will come in handy as I'm going to mom's tomorrow before heading to physical therapy, then bowling tomorrow night. So, not sure if I'll get much in tomorrow but will try. The quicker I can get this done, the quicker we can get this ready for Patrick to mail to his mom. I know it's going to take me another month, but I'm really trying to get this done. It's odd how I've been trying to do this one on time - compared to my Hawaiian. I still have about 38" to do on that quilt and it's done. Funny how I'm working faster with this one. Hopefully I can have them both done by the end of the year. It would be great to have 2 quilts quilted this year, if I can get there.

This house is still feeling Happy Quilting!

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