Thursday, October 23, 2014

Quilt Group Day

Today was a day at the quilt shop for our quilt meeting. I was teaching the "thread catchers" to the group. I made 2 of them and gave them away. lol - I'll be teaching it again tomorrow with mom's group. I dropped off the sewing machine and things we need to work on them. I came home and cut out 10 more to make them tomorrow.

These are the ones the 5 of us made. I made the blue/green one, and didn't get my other one in this photo. Gave mine to Kathy W who wasn't feeling good and couldn't make it to the group meeting. She stopped in and I wanted her to know we care.

These are the ones I have ready to do tomorrow. Will get them done at mom's. Best part is they really don't take long at all. I want to have a couple done so I can give 2 of them to my friend, Carol.

Got home and worked on the puzzle. Had a headache, so I took my migraine pill and doing better. Had a call from the doctors office to call them back, so will do that tomorrow. Not sure what it's about but will find out tomorrow.

While fixing supper, we had a big storm come in. Hail was coming down fast and the size of peas. I tried to get the film on it, but didn't get the down pour by the time I got the camera out. I will figure out how I can post it here, and then you can see it. Right now it doesn't want to load. (Sorry about that)

Tonight will be a night of quilting and getting to be Happy Quilting!

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