Sunday, October 26, 2014

Time Going Fast

I realized I was started just about every blog with "Today." As if one wouldn't know it was today. lol

My morning started out doing genealogy on my Taylor family. My wonderful daughter-in-law found more information on my great great grandfather and grandmother that I have been trying to find for over 30 years. She found the book of Clinton County, NY that states my grandfather was the first school teacher of Peru, NY. He taught school! That did surprise me. I also got a phone call from my great great grandmother's side of the family - Shephard. He has information and wants to exchange information with me. So, I'm sending the information on them to him and he's sending me information on her side. Wish I had photos of that side of the family. Most of my photos are on my mother's side. We found that my grandmother lost two brothers in the Civil War.

Okay, enough of genealogy. Back to quilting. I have been getting the sashing done, and have 2 more to do that will finish of the 6 blocks I had quilted. Then I can start working on both the blocks and the sashing at the same time.

It's getting closer to having 6 of the 30 blocks done. The other 5 blocks need the sashing done. I do have 3 sashings done on those blocks, so it's coming along pretty good. I'm going to need to go to moms here pretty soon to get her to help me. This week is a busy week, with a couple hours of my day being away from the house. So, I'm going to have to get moving on quilting every chance I get.

We went bowling tonight, and I bowled better than I have been bowling. At least my average is going up 1 point. I really need it to go up at least 10 pts.

As the week goes, and being busy, I'm hoping like crazy I will be busy Happy Quilting!

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