Sunday, October 5, 2014

When Will I Learn?

Okay, when will I learn to pick up after myself?! You would think with great ideas, I could keep organized longer than 3 months! But...NOOOOO.. that isn't the case.

This table is constantly getting piled on! So, today I took some time and went downstairs to do that organizing trick AGAIN. This is the mess I had before going down there. I started off by putting projects in the zipper bags from the sheets we have bought.

The bottom one is in a big baggie. I did have a couple of zipper bags I haven't used yet. So, I started putting some of my more current projects in the bags. That way I can grab a bag when I'm going to my quilt groups and have something to work on. I couldn't find the box that had my daughters butterfly quilt pieces in it, so I know I have more digging to do.

I also took that stack I got from Nancy and started wrapping them on the boards. I was able to get quiet a bit done.

I put some of the other "stuff" away.

My stash of fabric is growing but looking better. The top 4 shelve have been worked on. I need to fold the two bottom shelves and then I should be doing great. It's coming along slowly.

I'm looking forward to seeing if mom shelves will help me out. The table is just too much of a pain. If I can get her cabinets, then I can put bigger stuff away, plus be able to cut on the top. There are drawers where I can keep the needles, pins, cutting tools, and rulers. Anything would be great where that table is. I'm tired of stuff under it and looking like a sore thumb.

I've been enjoying reading Karen's Blog lately. Between vacation and quilting on her quilt, love what she's been up to. Love knowing we're related to boot.

I have been quilting on the quilt. Didn't get much done this weekend but did get more done then nothing at all. I've started another block, so hopefully tomorrow I can get more done. I'd love to have the block done by tomorrow. That would keep me Happy Quilting!

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