Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cabinets Getting There

We ended up going shopping for the trip today. Patrick also went shopping for some parts for the cabinet. He's been working on my cabinets. You should have heard the noise down there, and it wasn't all hammers and nails. lol - He is picky about how things go together, and I'm thankful for having a "carpenter" for a hubby!

As he said, they are not perfect, but the will serve the purpose. Mom didn't take very good care of it. Patrick had to re-do the drawers so they would work. He hooked the two cabinets together, and lined them up just right.

He had all his tools handy too! I cleaned out the drawers and shelves.

He added the peg board where the cabinet used to connect to the other cabinets. This way I can us pegs for my rules and things I want to keep hand. There is another area that is "L" shaped on the other side, and he's going to do the same there too, as well as the end. This is all coming along great, and I can start putting stuff away tomorrow. This is the "beginning" or before work.

The worst part is the mess I have! I couldn't believe the "crap" I have all over the place. This way I can go through everything again, and start putting them away. I can decide what to keep and what to get rid of. I'm excited about doing that. Time to clean up again. Once every 3 years, I go through everything I have and decide whether or not I'm going to work on them or get rid of them. I'm looking forward to weeding down to what I will use. I haven't even got my sewing machine back on the table. I would like to get it back up there so I can work on the gifts for the Christmas Party. I really do need to get this stuff organized better and have it when I need it.

I will put my quilt patterns on the peg board, and I will use the biggest drawer for my drawing and patterns. I'm looking forward to being able to cut on a better table. It's higher and will be easier on my back. I need to look for machine quilting claps so I can use them on my quilt frame.

I worked on another block (in the middle of the quilt) today. I'm almost done, and I have one sashing done as well. While Patrick was cussing, I was quilting. Felt bad I wasn't helping, but when he gets like that, it's better to leave him alone. Plus, I needed to be quilting on this quilt since I didn't get anything done on it yesterday. I've had better days of being Happy Quilting.

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