Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Quilting

Friday morning started out fast. Got up, showered, and headed out the door to find frost all over my car. Turned the heat on, sprayed the windows, and headed back in the house to get my hat and gloves. Headed back outside and started out to the bowling alley.

Got to the bowling alley before the guy who I bought the ball from got there. I practiced on the alleys and bowled a 157, 156, 210. I'm getting better at getting that form back.

Loved how the sun hit the tree this morning. Plus that is about the only area where the sun hit the tree and the only area where we have any leaves left. lol

After the bowling alley, I headed to mom's house. When I arrived, they were bringing in her cabinets for her sewing room. She has been so excited about this. She kept looking in the room to see how it was being put together as well as checking with them very once in awhile. I headed to physical therapy. After physical therapy I ended put going with mom to Office Depot to get her handles for her cabinets. Once that was done, we were able to work on the quilt.

We figured out two rows are done, with one more row just needing one more block done.

The middle two rows need to be worked on. I've been getting caught up with the sashing. Mom worked on one block while I was able to get 2 sashings done.

Just as I was getting this out to work on, mom called to tell me that I forgot my quilt threads. So, that put a damper on me working on the quilt. I'm not to thrilled I have to put it off, but I may end up going downstairs to work on the blocks that I need to do for the Christmas party and the basket for a friend.

I want to get a Gnome for my neighbor as I tell him my Gnome is the one that finishes off his coffee. I think it will be a fun gift to give him.

Now that things seems to be back on track - with the exception of my leaving my thread behind, this house is Happy Quilting.

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