Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Days.....Restful Days

The day after Thanksgiving and I'm sitting outside in my brothers backyard. It's been interesting and fun. We just finished playing square 9's, and everyone but Patrick and I are watching college football. I haven't been a college fan for years, so decided to take a break.

Would love to swim in the pool or hot tub, just just a little chilly for me.

Interesting views back here too.

Last night my niece pulled a last minute wedding on all of us. So right after the Seahawks game (we won by the way) they did the ceremony then went to the white chapel to be married. They were married at 11:58 pm from what we were told.

Quilting is coming along, and mom is starting to drive me crazy. She's hovering over the quilt. I got her starting on the border now. There are 2 mmre blocks to finish and I'll do that, but I cut my thumb the other day right next to my nail and it hurts like a son of a gun.

It's looking good too. As the day goes on we will be Happy Quilting.

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