Sunday, November 2, 2014

Seahawk Sunday! AND they WON!

I spent most of the night in pain every time I turned over. I'm doing what I'm told to do, but yesterday shopping probably didn't help me at ALL. Ugh

I've been spending most of the day in front of the football games. Seahawks started around 1 pm today and I've been sitting here quilting and watching this game. It was really sad the first half as Oakland wasn't doing anything right. The second half has been a lot more interesting!

I've almost gotten another block done. This one is really close. I was working on the sashing first, and started on another block. I am going to go to the other block and put he sashing in that are on the opposite side of where I am working. I bought the quilting tool show in the photo. I like it, but there are a few things I would like a little better. It takes a little getting used to on my finger. I wish it came in sizes - sm, med, or large. This is a little big for my fingers. The other thing I thought about was that I would love to see the "button" on the side by the thumb rather then on top. I have to take it off and use it when the thread is hard to come through. I do like it better than any of the other things I have tried. I just need to get my fingers used to the bar between the fingers. It's easy to quilt when it's on my finger. So, over all, I really do like it. Maybe that will also change as people tell what they would like better. Who knows.

As you can see, it's easy to figure out. Easy to use.

I've been icing my shoulder and trying to behave. Life goes on, and I move my shoulder and arm automatically. Don't think, just do. My physical therapist said I was in "really bad shape." I could have told him that! lol

This is getting faster, and it does take time. I've got physical therapy on Monday, so I will be quilting in the afternoon.

Bowling tonight, so won't be Happy Quilting.

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