Monday, December 1, 2014

Back On Schedule

Charlie was waiting for me this morning. I went out the front door this morning for walking. We walked in 12 degree weather. Ruth must be crazy to want to walk when it's that cold, but we took a short walk. I then went next door to see my neighbor for cribbage. Found out his wife isn't doing very well. She's got more cancer in her liver and now it looks like it's in the bones. We need to pray for her. She's still thinking positive and still has her humor, but it's getting harder for her to do that. She's 68 years old, and smokes, but now I'm thinking she finally quit when she found out she had it in the liver. She was going to the doctors today, but after I got home, the ambulance showed up. Not sure if they took her, but I'm betting they did. I can just hope she's doing okay. I won two games out of three.

Then I headed over to mom's with the quilt, hoping to work on the quilt with her. She had her prayer group there, so I went on to my physical therapy. After PT, I went back to moms and they were still there, so I called it good and said goodbye. I know better than to go on Mondays to quilt with her, but thought she said yesterday that we could quilt. I didn't want to wait around for 2 hours before she would or could sit down to quilt. I checked out her quilt room and was amazed at how she "dumped" her stuff in the drawers. I would have thought she would organize it better, but she said she will do that later. The counter top is still not on the cabinets, so it really does look like a mess.

After leaving, I headed to Walmart (not my favorite place to shop). I picked up some stuff for the pot luck tomorrow and I also got a gift for one of the groups. I don't know if they will do the Christmas Party with moms group, but I bought a gift anyway. I guess it's a wait and see thing. I did get $3.75 back on the Ibotta coupons. They have a bonus that has my team earning $10 every time we combine our rebates to $10. It's a special this month. Usually I only earn about $5 in the month, but this month I can get $30 if I keep getting rebates from them. I cashed in $30 so far, and I wasn't buying all that much.

Got home, and started a load of laundry (which I need to put in the dryer). I sat down and Charlie came to sit with me. I was enjoying my time with her and just let the afternoon go by. I played a few games, got one of my "badges" on pogo, and will sit here quilting before much longer.

My quilt room needs attention, and don't know if I will get to it today, but I need to clean it up for when my friend comes on Thursday. So, I will try and work on it tomorrow, and again on Wednesday.

Patrick found a couple boxes of photos downstairs and I was going through them. Most are of our family, but I did find some that goes with my family history.

This is of me when I was round 20 years old. That was my favorite "jacket"/"sweater." It was comfortable. I loved those glasses! I would still wear big glasses like that now, if my hubby would let me lol.

I found this photo of my grandmother's cousin. This is Wilda Simpson. She made beautiful quilts. She had mom make a quilt block for her, and made a quilt with all the family blocks put together. I never did see the quilt, but I loved the block mom made. I would love to see that quilt. Trouble is two of her three sons have since passed away as well. I really like this photo of her quilt.

As you can see, I've got a family that has been (for years) Happy Quilting!

Family Is Starting To Arrive

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