Thursday, December 18, 2014

When Will I Learn! - Don't Plan For Anything!

Yesterday was another one of those days I planned out. Yea, I made a mistake by planning my day! I got up, went and played cribbage next door, and then headed to mom and dads. I took the quilt with me so mom could help me with the border. I arrived early, waited about an hour before we got the quilt out and started working on it. Then it was time for me to go to my physical therapy. That went well, sore, but well. Got back to mom's house, and had lunch. Well, that's where plans went way off track! I was chewing on my lunch when I felt some hard pieces in my mouth. My tongue then finds a hole in my tooth. UGH! I called the dentist and was told to come in at 3 pm which was about 45 mins from the time I called. Great! No quilting! At least the blocks are quilted and done.

I arrived at the dentists, and waited about 30 mins to get in. As I'm sitting there, pictures are taken for my insurance company. The dentist comes in, and says my filling took part of my tooth out and I need a cap on it. Since it doesn't hurt, I was able to leave without it being padded. I'm walking around with a hole in my tooth.

I get home about 30 mins before Patrick. We go to Walmart to get chicken for the potluck, and there wasn't any chicken to buy. So, we bought some other stuff for the potluck. We bowled badly! We did the gift exchange, and I got a poinsettia with some chocolates, and swissmiss hot chocolate mix. Patrick won a $10 gift certificate for food, games, and/or products.

After yesterday, I decided to heck with trying to plan getting the quilt done, when all this crap keeps happening instead! January is not going to be my favorite month! I have dental work and colon work being done! Think I'll try and skip the month all together!

Today was our groups meeting. We had 5 of us show up and it was a great chit chat meeting. We talked about all kinds of things.

I went to play cribbage this morning and Art wasn't happy with me for sleeping in. He had stuff he needed to do, so we only played 2 games. He told me to be on time tomorrow. He also told me his daughter informed him that when Flo passes, she's going to take a month off and disappear. I thought that was selfish, but he said she needs to do what she needs to do. He's planning on leaning on me while that happens. I don't know what to do. I feel for him but he's not my family, so I don't know what to do. I hinted at him moving to the Colonial House by my folks. Right now, I don't need my time to be taken by taking care of him. I'm between a rock and a hard place. I just hope I can get my stuff done as well.

So, I'm dreaming of being Happy Quilting!


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