Sunday, May 31, 2015

Applique and Quilting

Today turned out pretty good when it comes to the day. No plans. Which made my day easier. Patrick worked out in the yard. Like I have always said, the yard is his baby. I help when he needs it or asks, but other than that I don't do much.

I pulled out the eagle block and started working on the grapes. After Patrick got up and headed outside, I went downstairs.

I decided to get some quilting in on the Butterfly quilt.

I started where I left of the last time. I added more "trails" and then rolled the quilt. The pill box there is for used needles or needles that have gone bad.

I then work on the end I ended with before I rolled the quilt.

I was able to get quiet a bit done. I'm to the point of being able to roll on this side of the quilt, but I need to work on the center and the other side.

I was able to get to the edge of the center area. I was even surprised at how close I am to finishing the center area. I didn't realize I was about half way done with the center.

As one can see, I do not have a set pattern. I am doing the quilting in a way that looks like butterflies flying. They fly around the circles as well. I've been trying to quilt each butterfly differently as well.

I will try and quilt on it more, this week. Who knows, I may have another quilt done this year. I can hope!

I then came back upstairs and worked on the eagle again. I added a few more basted grapes. I'm almost done with the grapes. Once that is over, I can move on to the vines. I will admit that I have been getting better with the grapes. They aren't looking so much like a bird nibbled on them.

So, my day has been watching Harry Porter and getting some quilt related stuff done. I hope others have had a good day as well. Happy Quilting!

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