Thursday, May 21, 2015

Applique Meeting Today

Today was a good day. I'm happy to say they come often lately. I went down to Ruth's to get her out walking. We walked farther today then we did the other day. She's really getting out there. Funny part was that I had been so tired after I got back home that I fell asleep on the couch for an hour. I slept a little longer than I thought I would. Got up and headed to the meeting.

We had a great day at the meeting.

I took the baskets with me to work on. I finished this one.

Started and finished this one.

Started and finished this one as well. I took a photo of it at the meeting for our groups blog.

I decided to applique down the leaves on this one. Almost done with it. I will work on it tonight. I would like to get another flower done. I love how fast these are.

After getting home, I was still tired and crashed for another hour before we headed out to the restaurant for my Birthday dinner. My parents were already there waiting. Phil forgot and didn't make it. At first I thought he had trouble on the way home from work, but he just forgot. We had a good dinner.

Got home a little bit ago, and I'm planning on working on the baskets tonight.  I need to mark a couple more blocks and will work on that this weekend. I have more eagle patterns to copy as well, so I'll pull out moms lightbox and see if I can get more done.

I have another group meeting tomorrow at moms. I need to correct the date on the blog about our second meeting next month. In the meantime, be Happy Quilting!

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