Saturday, May 2, 2015

Busy Saturday Again!

This morning started out with Charlie and I. Then Patrick woke up and we were on the run. Patrick wanted to go to the casino, so we did. It didn't take long for us to leave. After the casino we headed to the grocery store. We didn't buy a lot but it still cost us $100! We bought a roast and I couldn't believe the cost!! Meat has been going up like crazy. I remember a time when we spent $50 for a FULL basket of food. Not any more.

After putting the food away, we headed to the movies. We went to the movie - Adventures. It was pretty good.

Got home late tonight. In my mail was my Birthday gift - I know, it's not now. I got "permission" to open it and start using it. I got a Fitbit band. It took me a few minutes to set it up. I noticed it works pretty good. I'm liking it so far. It will be interesting to see if it really knows how much sleep I get.

Last night I was doing great on my QOV block.

I finished the eagle - except for the embroidery and the eye. I worked on the three leaves this morning. I need to do the leaves and the grapes. I'm actually liking this quilt. My brain is working on another quilt top that is very patriotic. I want to make a couple patriotic quilts. They won't be of today, but they will remind me of those before us.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get moving on the patterns again. I have more patterns to copy and my mind is going in a lot of different directions. I hope I get my brain in one direction and get something done while at the retreat. It would be awesome if I finished one UFO and had a patriotic quilt started. That would be so much fun! Happy Quilting!

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