Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day After Birthday!

Today started out with picking Patrick up at Portland Airport (12:15 am). We made it back home at about 1:45 am. I waited for him at the baggage area. Poor guy had his plane delayed and changed. It took an extra 5 hours before he was on the way back from Chicago. We had some interesting texts! lol

We got home and went to bed! We were both up at 6:30 am because Patrick had a meeting at work and I had to take Art to the eye doctors in Olympia. I found myself getting tired as I drove up there. Once we got there, I elected to stay in the car and sleep. I got a good 20 mins in for sleep. Then we headed to the casino in Yelm. It's the thing I do once a month with him. We have another appointment in June, so will do the same then too. I did pretty good, didn't loose any money this time.

Got home, Patrick was asleep and I crawled up on the couch and went back to sleep. I must have slept a good hour. Tonight we are heading to the bowling alley. It's 9-pen no tap league.

I worked on this variation 9 patch quilt last night while waiting for Patrick to let me know when I needed to go get him. I'm hand piecing this one.

One more grape to finish and then I can add more to put on. They are not perfect, but then what in nature is perfect? When they all get together it should be great.

One my way to bowling - Happy Quilting!

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