Friday, May 22, 2015

Fridays Applique Meeting

Today was applique at moms. I had a list of stuff I had to do before going. I needed to get over to Quilter's Junction to give her the photos from the retreat. I also wanted to go to Walmart (hate that place) and pick up my hair dangler spray. I met Ruth this morning and we walked a lot farther than we did the other day. She's doing great with her cane and my arm. We went all the way down our end of the street. Willie (her dog) couldn't wait to get out and walk.

Afterwards I got in the car and headed for Walmart. I got what I needed and headed to Quilter's Junction. I was getting ready to load the photos when I realized her computer is way to old and doesn't have the slit to put the disk in. I figured I could load it onto a thumb drive at moms, but when I got to moms, she didn't have the slit either! So, I'm going to do that here in a few minutes and take the thumb drive back over to the shop. Never fails. I loved Evelyna's response! She burst out laughing when I told her on the phone that I need to do it at home.

I worked on this basket block. It's block #9 in the Bountiful Baskets. This block hasn't been as easy as it could have. This is the block I basted the leaves on and realized I needed to put the stem on. So, today, I took out the basting threads. Then I realized I could have left 3 of those on, and just needed to take out the top one. Oh, well. Put them back in and appliqued them down. Then I started putting the petals of this flower on. Then I realized it would be easier to do the whole flower than it would to do each petal. At the same time, I looked at the pattern and realized that's exactly how the pattern was done. DUH! Since I'm doing back basting, I need to pay more attention to how these blocks are put together. It will make life so much easier!!

While I was getting my computer out, I found my African Violets where looking sick. Broke my heart!! I love those plants. One of the plants was dead. Another one is looking just as bad. I can't understand how it got over watered. Patrick doesn't water them, and I don't water till they are ready. I'm wondering if it was when it rained like crazy outside and no sun got in the house. I didn't water them for a long time, and thought they needed water. Guess not. Oh, well. I may re-pot them later. Patrick brought me home some potting soil and I have a couple plants in the house that I want to group together and another that needs to be separated.

Patrick wants to go to the movies tomorrow. Not sure if I will get time to work on the Black and White quilt. I did get another quarter yard black fabric yesterday. I'm really wanting to get moving on that quilt. ----Might go down there tonight, as Patrick's outside doing a few things in the yard. Might give me time to cut the fabric and get the pieces sewn together.....Will see if I can do that after I'm done with the computer.

After our meeting at moms, I met dad at the garden. He drove over to the garden area (because he needed to take stuff - he said). I asked him to take a walk with me. We walked around the neighborhood. He did really good. He was breathing heavy a couple times and stopped to tell me about something as we walked. I waited till he was ready to walk again. Told him I had PT Wednesday but realized it's the following week. May go anyway to walk with him.

My "wish list" for this weekend is to work on the baskets, the Black and White, and even get a few stitches in on the quilt downstairs. May start quilting on one of the ones I have up stairs too. Then I think, Careful, the wish list is getting too long! We'll see how it goes this weekend. May you have a better chance at being Happy Quilting!!

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