Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Getting Ready for Retreat on Thursday

Today started out like always. I played cribbage with my neighbor. I was getting interrupted a few times with the game, but had to. Patrick was checking out the neighborhood the last week to see where a leak was. We knew there was a leak because of where the water was coming out. It had chlorine in it, so we knew it was from our system. After having a few people from electric and cable come out to see if it was theirs or not. Patrick called the people that do our water tests to come out and see what they could find out. So, I was working with them. We figured out it was across the street. They dug a little ways down and found where the water was coming out, but they didn't find the pipes. We can't afford to have them come out and "look" for the pipes. So, now we're going to have to cut down a couple trees to see if we can find the water hook up. Once we find that, we can have them come back out and fix the problem. We were looking all over the place. At first we couldn't find the area where it was coming from because the water didn't test with chlorine. They dug a hole and found where chlorine was coming out. On top of that Patrick got home and said the original spot where the water was coming out no longer has water coming out. The hole they dug has the water going into the ditch. Then I had to call the neighbors and tell them what was going on. Next step is to take out a tree or two and see what happens.

I then decided I better get more work done on my eagle block. I would like to have it done for Donna so she can put it together.

I'm now getting going on the leaves and grapes. I basted as much as I could that wouldn't cause problems with the other ones. Once I get them done, I will baste more on. There are a lot of grapes, but I'm ready for them. I will trim my pieces better when I get to the pieces. I took this from my phone and I'm not liking the way my phone is taking pictures anymore.

I did start loading up my suitcase for the retreat. I took out a dress for the dress up night. Not sure I want to dress up, but will. I need to get my shoes for that dress (now that I think of it).

I'm still busy and still Happy Quilting.

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