Sunday, May 3, 2015

Happy 80th Birthday Mom!

Today my mother turned 80 years old. She is in Las Vegas with my younger brother and my dad's brother. She had a great time. I called and wished her a Happy Birthday.

She's still looking good!

Today started out with a phone call from Patrick's family saying his mother went to the ICU at the hospital. We went back to sleep but I couldn't go back to sleep. Got up and played a few games.

I made some really good blueberry muffins. I cleaned up the kitchen and started getting my stuff ready for the retreat.

I put about 4 different things in that box! I figure I BETTER come home with at least one of these UFO's done!

I'm going to take the basket of strips with me as well. If I end up cutting out more squares, so be it. I really do want to get some quilt tops done while I'm there.

Here are 4 of the 13 blocks of butterflies I have. I want to get this put together. I may end up doing applique on after it's together, but I really do want this finally done.

I'm still copying Jeannie's eagles. I'm so thrilled with all her patterns! She is one talented quilter!! I have been thinking of what I will do for a quilt. I've come up with a couple ideas, and I really want to see what Donna can come up with. I like forward to making a lot of these eagles. She is an awesome lady and I hope to do her proud with what I come up with. I hope she likes the eagle I've just finished. She liked the fabrics I had.

Tomorrow is a day in Kent, WA for the Applique Society meeting. I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm going to see what they have been doing. Keep hoping things will change, but so far it hasn't and I really don't know if it will.

Tonight was our last Sunday night bowling till Sept. We did pretty good. I love fun night! We did 9-pin no tap with Monty Carlo game. I won $9.50 and Patrick won $8. Our bowling partner got $21. So, it was a good night. I had a 675 series. Remember - this is 9 pin! I always leave one pin! lol

Mom Wiltzius is getting better, and I pray it continues. I'll be busy doing applique tomorrow at the meeting. Wish the best to those who read this, and may you be Happy Quilting!

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