Monday, May 18, 2015

I'm Reminded....

Today started out great. I woke early, played cribbage, and went to see Ruth. We walked with my help, up the street and back. She got in a great walk.

I worked on her computer for awhile, getting her fitbit flex to work. I then took off to mom and dads to see them and drop off some soup. I stopped off at Wendy's and got a single burger. Came home and baked my Birthday Cake.

Today is my Birthday. It wasn't what I like for a Birthday but it was my Birthday. I watched TV and they reminded me that it's been 35 years since Mt. St. Helen's blew. Yes, I was here when it blew, and it was an awesome 21st Birthday for me. We went up on the hill and took pictures of the eruption.  Every year I'm reminded of how many years it's been that the Mt. blew.

After working with Ruth, and getting my cake done, Patrick text'ed to say his flight was delayed. Mom and dad came over and brought Kentucky Fried Chicken. They stayed till about 30 mins ago. We had my cake, which was a little dry (my fault), but really good. We watched TV.

In the meantime, Patrick's flight was delayed and the plane grounded. They had to wait on another flight. 6 hours later, he finally gets on the flight. He will be in around midnight tonight. His original time was 7 pm. I'm leaving for Portland in a few hours. UGH

Mom came and picked up some solid fabric for a quilt she making. So, all in all, I can still be Happy Quilting!

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