Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tomorrow's The Big Day

Today started out with me getting skunked in cribbage.

I then headed over to moms. Went to physical therapy. Found out my arm is improving in all areas but the back. I can't lift my arm past my belt line. So, he game me more exercises to work on. They are a little painful, but I can do them. I asked about what I could do at retreat for both my back and my arm. He told me there are a lot of things I could do. So, I need to take my bands and do the door arm exercise.

That didn't take long. I then came back to moms house (walking distance), and picked up Ethel. We headed to GeeGees Quilting shop. I love that place!! That's loaded! So, of course I get carried away! The fabric was buy one yard and get the second yard at half price. I ended up spending $100 on fabric!! Which is okay, I figured that was a birthday gift to myself. I got some background fabric for applique, and I bought a lot of fabrics that will work for some of my projects I'm taking to retreat. I'm hoping to get a few things done this weekend.

I'm close to being ready. I've still got a few things I need to do. So, I'll get up with Patrick in the morning and start loading up the car. Then go through my "don't forget" list. How much of a bet will there be that I forget something?! Never fails. I need to get the cutting board, rulers. and cutters ready to load as well.

These flowers were taken with my phone - they were ones I saw on my walk from moms to my physical therapy. There is a lot of pretty flowers.

Mom and dad are on the way back.

So, tomorrow I'm off to retreat. I'm hoping to be able to post what I'm doing as I go. I'm planning on taking the computer and tablet. Should be fun!! Can't wait to get started!! Happy Quilting.

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