Friday, June 5, 2015

A Feel Good Day!

Today was the usual, walking and cribbage. I did win one game, but that isn't saying much!

After cribbage headed over to moms for our Friday quilt group meeting. I arrived around 9:30 am and everyone that was going to be there, was there. Guess our meetings are getting earlier and I didn't know it. Half of them left before lunch. Half way through the meeting dad said he was going walking. I decided to join him. We walked pretty close to 1 mile if not a little more. He had to stop a few times and that didn't bother me. It was just good to see him out and walking. We checked out his garden and then headed back to the house. One of my neighbors and quilter is moving over by mom as well. The house up on the hill (that I would LOVE to have) is up for sale. They found two houses over by mom that they wanted, so today they were going to look at the house. At this rate, all mom's quilting friends will be in that community.

While at mom's I worked on this basket. I was going to work on the Brazilian embroidery piece but then changed my mind. I had basted the leaves on last night. I'm almost thinking this basket is way to busy. Oh, well. I'll try and pay more attention next time. I just hate the thought of taking it out. lol

I still haven't worked on this one, but I will. I did baste about 4 baskets and I also basted leaves on another 3 blocks, last night. I thought I was doing pretty good. I can't wait to get to the ones that have a lot of embroidery.

I took the eagle over to my cousins, for her to see what she can do with the block. She's awesome when it comes to putting quilts together. I figured out the next eagle block, and need to get the fabric for it. I'll work on getting it set up for my next QOV quilt.

I'm back on track. I did take some time today and help Patrick outside in the yard. I usually won't touch the yard work, but decided I would help him out. I was helping with the trimming of the Rhodies. We have a lot to do, so I'm sure we will be out there this weekend finishing what we didn't get done today. Been walking like crazy as well.

Beautiful day, as the sun is out. It's supposed to be really hot this weekend. Not looking forward to it. I tend to hide, but Patrick wants to go biking, so I'm betting we will be off in the morning for biking. Looks like we'll be off and running tomorrow. Guess I should be excited about that....but not. I would rather stay here in the basement where it's cool, and work on quilting....oh well. Happy Quilting!


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