Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cutting Strips

Today was the usual of walking and cribbage. I finally won a game today.

Since today was a day at home - which I love - I went downstairs and worked on cutting more strips.

The more I cut, the more I have to sew. I'm surprised at how much I've cut and it doesn't look like I have even put a dent in my two boxes! I have so much solids that I can use up. I'm trying to get the light and dark colors of the same color. It's coming along. I have some really bright colors, like the yellow, that I'm thinking about using. Ones eyes get cross eyed with the bright colors.

I appliqued the striped fabric down, and basted the shield and top of the flag. This block has to be step by step because of the way the applique has to go on. I actually like what's coming out of it. Tonight I'll work on both blocks for QOV. It will go pretty fast since I have a lot of the pieces on the blocks to applique down.

It's been nothing but HOT around here. I guess we are expecting more hot weather this week. You would think it was August!! I go outside, then turn around and go back in the house. I work on my stuff downstairs because it's so much cooler down there! Yea, I know, I'm a baby when it comes to the heat. I can't take heat since I lived in Turkey. The heat takes the wind out of me.

Ruth texted to say she's walking, so I'll close this and go walking - yea, in the heat, but it will be quick! Happy Quilting!!

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