Thursday, June 11, 2015

Haven't Missed a Stitch Meeting Day.

Today was not a good start. I got up, showed, and heading for the kitchen. I decided to have yogart, but nope, we were out. Then I thought I'd have some cereal, nope, out of milk. Next was oatmeal, but wait...I have to heat up the hot water. Okay, not going to be walking for a few more minutes. I text'd Ruth and told her I'd be late. When I did get out to walk, she was half way to my house. Said Willy was tired of waiting on me. ugh....

I got ready for our meeting. I even took my sewing machine to the shop on the way to quilting. I dropped off the machine at 10:10 am. I then went to our meeting. Haven't Missed a Stitch group.

While there, I worked on block #13...?  This went pretty quick. I also worked on my Brazilian embroidery but forgot to get a picture of it. Will try and post it tomorrow.

I took my quilt that I want to start quilting on to the shop. I asked Barb if she could baste it for me. I did a really bad job of basting it on the machine. I told her I wasn't in a hurry. She's buy for the next few weeks, so I brought the quilt back. I'm looking forward to having it basted beer. I do have an idea of what I want to quilt and how. I'm going to work on the template for quilting designs.

After the meeting, got home and there was a message that my quilt machine was done. Let Patrick know and he picked it up on the way home. I was really surprised at how fast they got it done. I'm happy!

I've even been thinking of doing another pieced quilt with all those solid fabrics I have downstairs. I may cut a strip of 1/2" wide and play with what I'll do on paper before I sew something together. I want the colors to flow.....yep, still thinking about it....will I do it?....maybe.....maybe's the sewing machine.........hummmmm.....oh well. Still thinking.....who knows! Happy Quilting!

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