Wednesday, June 3, 2015

No Stopping Today

Today started out early and kept going. I walked with Ruth, then headed to moms. At moms we worked on a cute hankerchief "doll dress." Mom was showing me how to fold the hankerchief to a doll dress. It was fun. It looks cute. She wants to use some of great grandmothers hankerchiefs to do a quilt of our own.

I went to physical therapy and got good reports. My shoulder is getting better, and I'm improving. That's good news for me. I'm happy and I'm still working on getting better. I will need Patrick's help with my one arm exercise. I double checked to see if I was doing it right, but because my arm still doesn't bend as much, it wasn't working right. We decided Patrick is going to have to help me out by holding my shoulder back while I stretch it.

Not the best photo out there, but one gets the idea what I'm up to. This is block #12. I will be working on this tonight.

I ended up having to call our neighbors to let them know the water would be turned off. It's amazing how many people have disconnected phones, wrong numbers, etc., and didn't let me know! So, I had to take a walk to see a couple people since I didn't have their phone number. Now I need to send out a "Updated" information. Never fails, but we can do this. lol

I worked on the eagle while I was cooking Patrick's kale chips. I finally finished the block for Donna to put it in a quilt.

I'm proud of this block and I hope the person that gets this is just as proud. I really enjoyed working on this block and look forward to working on more. I believe our "hero's" deserve the best.

Today was one of my busiest days. I'm happy to say it's coming to a close and I need to do my exercises. ugh....exercises. At least I'm still doing them after all this time. It's helped me, but I still hate doing them.....there are days I think, no worries, I don't have to do them. Then I get out of my chair and limp! OR I walk like an old lady! lol - I know, I'm old, but not that old. Life is good, and life is Happy Quilting!!

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