Friday, June 12, 2015

Still Jumping Around!

Life is good. Even when I get skunked in cribbage, life is still awesome!

Today was another day of walking and cribbage. After getting back I pulled out my exercise ball and worked on it for a few minutes. My back is giving me trouble again, so I needed to get some exercise done.

 I enjoyed a quiet day of great weather. The sun is shining and I was enjoying my time watching older TV shows. I pulled out Phillip's ship quilt. I wanted to hand quilt. So, I pulled out the ship quilt from the other room and decided to enjoy the day upstairs and not downstairs.

I finished up quilting on this block. I thought I had more done then I did on this quilt. I'm going to try and get this done, as I really need to get UFO's done.

I am working on the border area as well. I'm doing "simple" when it comes to quilting this. I followed what stitches Phillip put in on the first block.

This is the back of Phillip's block. I finished the one next to it, but headed back to the first block.

This give one a good idea of what I'm doing. I'm working on going around the first block, so it doesn't pucker. I spend all afternoon working on this. I really like what I'm doing, so I will be working on this tonight as well.

This is what I was doing yesterday. I didn't have a photo yesterday and thought I would do the photo today.

The bottom flower is the fushia. I can put the tales on this one. I may wait till I can finish the other flower just like it. I'm really enjoying doing this kind of embroidery. I find it very relaxing.

Charlie has been staying outside lately. I don't get her company but once a day now. She comes in the morning, sits with me and then goes back out.

Just got a text that Ruth is walking. So, I'm going to close this and go out and walk with her. May everyone have a great day! Enjoy your craft and have a blast....I am Happy Quilting!

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