Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Day With Special People!

Today was an awesome least most of it. I did my walking with Ruth, then headed over to Donna's. Stopped off at the store to get Donna and Jeannie a plant for a gift. I wanted to thank Jeannie for letting us come. We headed out early. It took a little over an hour to get the Jeannie Austin's place.

Donna and I had a blast! I love Jeannie! She's an awesome person to known.

Jeannie Austins original quilt - copyrighted. 

This is one of her quilts! We had an awesome time. Jeannie showed us a lot of her eagle quilts. She was showing us different ways to make quilts with the eagles.  She has so many eagle quilts, it's mind boggling! I loved everyone of them. This is Jeannie's dog as well. lol

copyrighted quilt by Jeannie Austin
We talked about the quilts we do for the Quilts of Valor and she's so honored that we would do her eagles for QOV. She loved my eagle block I did earlier and I showed her the ones I was working on. She loved what I was doing.

We stayed till Mom called - actually Patrick's call. Dad was rushed to the emergency room! I was able to eat lunch before heading back, but we weren't too sure what was going on. Donna is a sweetheart. She told me it will be fine. I told her what as reported to me, and she told me it would be just fine. She was right (nurses know what they are talking about!). Dad was dehydrated, and is staying the night at the hospital.

We had wanted to go to GeeGee's quilt show in Yelm on the way back, but because of the emergency we were not able to do that. I may go out there later and get the fabric for Donna. I felt bad that we had to leave early, as we were having a great time.

While at the hospital I was able to finish the back of the red rose. I'll work on the colors that make the rose later. I'm excited about what we were able to see. We brought home two more patterns of her eagles to copy and use. Donna and I have a ton of ideas. I'm excited and looking forward to go back again later on.

We're back home now and I'm looking forward to the next two days of being busy quilting. Happy Quilting!

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