Saturday, July 11, 2015

At Last...A Rainy Day

Today I woke with sprinkles of rain. It was great to see, since we are in need of any rain we can get around here. Every little bit helps. It did rain a little, and hoping it will rain more tonight. Guess we are supposed to have thunderstorms, but that is rare where I live. It will probably happen up north.

We took off again today. We went to the movies (Minions). It was pretty good. Not as good as the first one, but it was good. I love cartoons, so it's rare to not like one.

Come home and worked on playing games and applique. I do love my games! I did get some applique done between last night and today.

I went back to working on this one. I have better feet colors for this eagle. It's slowly starting to come together. I did work on the other eagle last night. The red flower is taking shape and will post photo of it later. I am getting excited about this one coming together.

We had to stop off at Sister's Quilt Shop today. I was out of my white thread for sewing. I usually don't like to collect thread, unless I need it. So, I bought a "new" one (for me anyway) to see how it works. There were more yards in that spool then in the one I usually buy. Wasn't too thrilled to find out 500 yards cost me $5.40. Guess threads are getting expensive as well.


I am giving away my “tails” of my 100% cotton solid fabrics. They are 2 ½” x at least 4” long and longer. This is good cotton solid fabrics. (I don’t buy cheap) If you would like to have the solid pieces, comment below. If you come back every day, leave a comment that you would like the scrap tails. I will be adding more to them till July 25, 2015 when I will pick a winner. Good Luck. I may even add a gift for taking them. J Enjoy!

This is what I have to give away. No quilter likes to throw away fabrics! lol 

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