Sunday, July 19, 2015

Back At It Again -

I'm back to starting more projects, as if I don't have enough! Today was HOT, HOT, HOT. So, I hid downstairs all afternoon.

I saw how easy it was for mom to make place mats, so I decided I would make some for our house......okay, another project. Figuring it would take long, I pulled out my strips that were in the basket. I wanted purple, s I pulled out the purple colors.

As I went through my strips, I could not find a lot that I could use on 4 place mats. I then went through my fabrics to see what I could use up as well. That in it's self took time. I pulled out fabrics, then I started cutting. I had to be sure to cut the fabric pieces the same size. Some are smaller than others but it worked out. As I worked on it, I found the center fabric would work out perfectly.

The more I did the faster I got. I will say that I need to buy some batting that is a little thicker and skinnier than what I used. The thicker stuff mom used has the mat lay flatter and nicer.

After a few hours, I was able to get to the binding stage. I sewed the bindings on, and am now sticking them down. I will show the finished project when I have them all bound. I only had enough for 4 place mats. I like the way they turned out. I wasn't thinking before I started the binding, because I put it on from the back, when I should have put it on from the front. Either way, it really doesn't matter, as long as they turn out nice.

I didn't get to sew on the 9 patches, and I did make one heck of a mess. So, tomorrow I will be cutting and putting squares away again. I did use some of my strips but very little. I will look for a backing fabric that I have enough to do 6 place mats and use up some more fabrics. There were times I could not use a piece of fabric because I didn't have enough. I'm happy to say, it was fun working on them. There may be help for me yet! I'm beginning to enough sewing on the machine, but don't get too excited, it won't last long knowing me!

Now I can use up some of my favorite fabrics. This way I can see them on the table from time to time. I really do need more mats, so will probably work on a set from time to time. I may even go and get some batting tomorrow......not that I need to work on it right away.

Best part, it's a quick project (not really) that gets done quicker than a quilt! lol  Happy Quilting!

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